Thursday, February 17, 2011

PD 1911 Anniversary Pistol - A First Look

The Pistol Dynamics tribute to the 100th anniversary of the 1911 is a totally hand-built RetroMod constructed from the ground up by Paul Liebenberg. A limit of 26 units will be made available in a choice of any 1911 compatible caliber. The number range will start with an alpha controlling 1911-A-2011 and end in 'Z'. The prototype pistol shown here in the white is built in 38 caliber (click here to access a gallery with more images). The design of the gun draws from features that extend from the very earliest cross hatch trigger and hammer to the ISS system and a variation of our most recent lanyard loop main spring housing. The retro style beavertail is scratch made by hand as are the gold inlayed high profile sights. Ebony and ivory grips will be available as well as a number of different custom case options. Because of the myriad of finishes possible, the pistol will be priced out in the white as shown at $4900 with the cost of the elected finish and case determining the final price. The fit and finish, attention to detail, extensive hand checkering and overall design ensures that this gun will stand apart from all others currently offered to celebrate the occasion. This project will run independently from the rest of our routine so that we can keep tabs on the special parts required and the careful planning needed to keep us on a reasonable schedule. To further accommodate this pretty ambitious endeavor we've restructured our business to a certain extent by eliminating a few products from our line as well as limiting custom work on commercial handguns. We're accepting reservations for the pistol at this time and all relevant details will be furnishd to interested parties by direct contact or phone. Many of the choice 'alpha' characters are already taken, but a lot more are still in play as of this writing. If the 1911 Centenary is as important to you as it is to us and you would like to own one of these ultra unique weapons please feel free to call during normal working hours.