Thursday, September 20, 2007

Carry Gun FAQ

We are sometimes asked what we might suggest for an effective carry gun. We have a number of potential solutions but one of the more practical is a 4" XO based 1911 on an 'Officers' size frame similar to that shown here. Even though it's compact, the unit is manageable because most people can get a full grip on the pistol thanks to our high-hold ergonomics. The slide and barrel length is long enough to afford a usable sight radius and there is ample room for a proper recoil system. The ARP mechanism retards the timing and tames recoil impulse. Very often people are drawn to ultra-compact 1911s that are easier to carry but teater on the edge of not functioning reliably because there is very little room for an effective recoil system, the slide cycle is short and the slide velocities are elevated to a point of causing magazine related malfunctions. We believe that a compact XO is the most practical package a shooter can confidently rely on. The gun is small enough to be concealable and has plenty of manageability and performance to warrant being used in IDPA to practice shooting skills. The other advantage to the XO concept is that there are no tools required to field strip the pistol and basic maintenance is simple.